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Hailee + Michael 


We think that you will agree with us when we say that New Zealand is an incredible place to visit. The scenery is unbeatable, the locals are lovely and the road trips are unforgettable. After a few trips to NZ during in the 10 years of love and friendship that Hailee and Michael shared, These two took it to whole other level by having their wedding in Glenorchy, New Zealand.
Let us tell you that it was an absolute dream of a day! Not only did we capture our friends getting married but we were in one of our favourite countries. From the start to the end, the day was absolutely perfect. The houses where Hailee + Michael got ready were stunning, the ceremony was beautiful and the reception was a night of crazy dancing and fun! And lets not forget about the heli ride up into the snow for some portraits with a backdrop like no other! Thank you both for making us such a big part of your day. It's not hard to see that you are perfect for each other and you will continue to make an incredible life together as you already have.

Lots of love, Rose and Lachie xx

Hailee + Michael | Wedding Film | Glenorchy New Zealand
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