Travelling puts things into perspective 

It allows us to realise that there are far bigger things than our small day to day problems.

Traveling allows you to see that the world is not always about you. It allows us to see how other people live and what they have to deal with on a daily basis. Traveling has humbled us and has broadened our perspective in so many ways.

Traveling to places like Southeast Asia and other impoverished areas has given us a sense of

gratefulness for the modern day comforts that we are able to enjoy. Travelling to places like New Zealand and Tasmania takes us to our highest highs, shows us beauty that we could have never imagined and it blows our mind. 

Travelling around our home, The South Coast of Nsw. This is our most type of travelling and let us be the ones to tell you. If you haven't experienced the South Coast of Aus for yourself. We you are missing out! 

Here's a few short films and photos of our travels so far.


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